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Gradle Build Scan Rocks

2 minute read

Earlier today I attend a webinar hosted by Gradle, Inc. where Gradle Build Scan was introduced. If you’re already using Gradle as the build tool for your pr...

Compare Property Files

1 minute read

I’ve been working on a rather massive refactoring work that involves changing how Java properties files are organized. It’s vitally important that the prope...

Page Load Speed Testing

1 minute read

I decided to conduct some simple page load speed testing. I hope the following info might be of some value to some folks out there.

Replacing SSD in MacBook Air (13” mid-2012)

2 minute read

I was running low on my 13” mid-2012 MacBook Air’s SSD, which had me pretty concerned. Thankfully I recently discovered that the SSD inside this thing is re...

Simple Interview And Phone Screen Tips

5 minute read

I’ve been busy doing a lot of phone screens and interviews as of late. Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of interviewing during my time at Cappex. Since join...