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Hiring Is Tiring

3 minute read

Yep, hiring is tiring. Very much so.

The Christmas Gift Test

1 minute read

Ever since I started managing people several years back I’ve practiced giving Christmas gifts and a hand-written Christmas card to everyone on my team. I in...

Do Not Store Personal Data On Your Work Computer

3 minute read

I know that it’s often convenient to have your personal files stored on your work computer, especially If you’re like me and you spend a lot more time on you...

10 Lessons From 10 Companies In 19 Years

11 minute read

Since landing my first programming job when I was a junior in high school until now, I recently realized that I’ve now worked at 10 different companies, incl...

I wish DST would end

2 minute read

I really wish Daylight Savings Time would cease to exist. I can’t possibly imagine that DST would go away in my lifetime due to the sheer complexities and c...

Be Thankful

3 minute read

Last 2 weeks at work have been rough. This most recent sprint as well as the release ended up being much more difficult than what my team is normally used t...