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I drove about 2 hours west to Stockton, IL - to a place called Christ in the Wilderness (CITW), to spend a few days (Friday evening - Sunday morning) to myself to pray, reflect, meditate, journal, hike, and rest my too-busy mind.

This is the 3rd time I'm been here (Sep 2009, Mar 2012, Sep 2019) and now that I've been here for about 24 hours, I'm reminded of why this place is so special and why I will absolutely come back here again. There are 3 individual homes ("hermitages") at CITW that are spread far apart from one another, on a large (it's gotta be several acres) plot of land that's surrounded by trees & birds. This is my 3rd time staying at the "Sabbath Place" hermitage and loving it so far (I'll need to make sure to try out their other hermitages the next time I'm here).

I love the privacy I have (truly feels like I'm in the middle of nowhere), the lack of cell signal (what a gift!), all the greenery, bird sounds, and the journals. There are these journals that contain writings penned by dozens upon dozens of people who have stayed at the Sabbath Place and the earliest writing that I see here dates all the way back to July of 1995. There's something so beautiful about these writings--thoughts & reflections of people who have stayed at this place. I, of course, looked for & read my own entries from when I stayed here in 2009 & 2012 and it reminded me of God's goodness & faithfulness.

Alrighty, time to leave to grab some dinner & will push up this blog post once I get back home.

Welcome to CITW


The Sabbath Place hermitage

The journals

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