My disappointment with the new MacBook Pro

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When I started at Braintree I was given a new 2017 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It's a really nice laptop overall and I don't mean to sound ungrateful... but in the last few weeks that I've been using it I've also found myself disappointed with it. Here's a list of my disappointments with the laptop:

The keyboard is probably the worst I've ever felt on a laptop. The keys are just too shallow and it seems to me that by shaving off very small amounts of thickness, the keyboard became noticeably suckier. The keyboard between the new 2017 15" MBP and my 2012 MacBook Air is really night and day (MBA's is way nicer).

I really wish Apple had not decided to put USB-C ports on the laptop. The ports on the previous models of MacBook Pros were perfectly fine. I miss my HDMI, USB, and Thunderbolt ports. Does anyone out there like the fact that Apple decided to go with all USB-C ports on these laptops? I miss the MagSafe power adapter connector.

Speaking of MagSafe, I don't like the fact that when my laptop plugged in, there is no way for me to know whether or not it's charging without having to open the lid and check the battery icon in the top menu. I miss the green/orange light on the power adapter.

The Touch Bar is not at all useful. It was cool when I first played around with it but the coolness factor completely wore off within 5 minutes. I miss the Escape key. I miss the function keys. Even if Apple decides to keep the Touch Bar in their future laptop models, I really hope they'll decide to bring back the top-row keys.

I thought that I would like the much larger Trackpad of the new MBP. Well, I don't like it. It's too big. When I'm typing, it's not uncomming for the edges of my palms to hit the upper corners of the Trackpad, which then puts the cursor in a random place on the screen and then I've gotta hit the Delete key several times, put the cursor back in the correct place, and try typing again... it's annoying to have to deal with.

In terms of the physical design changes to the laptop, I think the only change I'm liking is the new Touch ID. It is very convinient to not have to type in my password every time I want to un-lock my computer. That is all...

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