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I've been at Braintree now for almost 3 weeks and I can't believe it's only been a few weeks because I've experienced a ton of new things and have met a lot of people and time sure seems to go by much more slowly when you're soaking in new experiences. And the older I get--especially as a father of 2 young children who are always growing up way too fast in my eyes--I'm finding that it's perfectly OK with me if time seems to go really s-l-o-w-l-y.

What I've enjoyed so far

Let's start with the simple stuff. This is the first company I've worked at where there's catered lunch every day and I'm really loving it. The food tastes pretty good, there's a lot of variety (the menu changes daily), and it saves me a lot of time & money. Catered lunch makes it really easy to grab lunch with my co-workers and has been helpful in getting to know others. Speaking of food, there is food scattered all throughout the office. Coffee, snacks, fruit, donuts, LaCroix, protein shake, beer, and on and on and on. Makes me really happy.

It's a nice office space with plenty of conference rooms & adjustable standing desk for every employee. The computer equipment is quite nice too. 15" MBP + 38" curved monitor, which is just beautiful to look at. On a completely tangential note, I'd like to say that Apple didn't quite get it right with their new Touch Bar MacBook Pros (the Touch Bar is a useless toy, the new keyboard really sucks, and I hate USB-C ports) but that's for another blog post...

Even though I've only been here for a short period of time, the overall environment has come across so far as being positive. People seem smart, knowledgeable, helpful, collaborative, and care a lot about the work that they do at the company. The company focuses a lot on diversity & inclusion, which I find to be a really good thing, especially in technology.

I'm managing a team that's focused on scale & performance of the Braintree payment gateway and I like that my team has a very clear mission. Coming from a smaller company background, it's great that there's an entire team that's dedicated to improving the scalability of the payment platform. It's my first time working on an application (or rather, a set of applications) at this level of scale (just imagine how many Uber payments are needing to be processed... and that's just one customer among many) and it's pretty exciting that the work that my team does has a direct impact on the health of the Braintree payment gateway and ultimately the health of the company.

What I miss

There are, of course, things I miss. I obviously miss my former colleagues and I do miss being a part of a smaller company where I knew every single person and knew them enough to be able to strike up a conversation with each. With everything operating at a much smaller scale than Braintree, ramp-up was relatively easy. When there is one engineering team as opposed to dozens, it's not hard to figure out where to look and who to talk to if you have questions. Even if I didn't have a full grasp of the entirety of the monolithic code base, I knew enough and felt comfortable enough to be able to debug and make changes just about anywhere in the code base. I'm not sure if it will be even feasible to attain this level of comfort at Braintree but I suppose I should give myself some time first.

There is A TON of stuff for me to learn here and it is a bit overwhelming to think about. I've got technologies to learn, systems & applications, people, teams, processes... it is A LOT. I'm excited for the challenge, though, and can't wait to make some significant & meaningful impacts on my team and the company.

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