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A very large chunk of my life from the very beginning of this year until the end of July was focused on launching a new college application product. Thanks to the hard work of every person on my team (as well as many others in the company) we were able to launch on 8/1, which is the deadline that we had been aiming for and my gosh - it felt GREAT to get this thing launched and get it launched on time. Sure, there's a lot of things that could've gone better and more smoothly during the project but there's also a lot of things that could've gone wrong and in the end - I'm real proud of the work that my team has been able to accomplish. It was a project that took months of planning, involved having to double the size of my team within a relatively short period of time (9 people in about 3 months), and required that every individual work extremely hard (a lot of late nights, weekend work, catered lunches, etc.). When I look back on what my team was able to accomplish during the first 7 months of the year - I'm real proud. This has been one of the most memorable projects that I've been a part of and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in it.

Since the completion of this project, I think a challenge for me has been to come back to a place where I'm making time being a "maker". Writing code, tinkering with technologies, writing blog posts, and even making music. Being a maker is something that I had to give up when the project got real busy and I had to enter into a nearly 100% "manager" mode. Sure, as a technology VP, I'm fully aware that the vast majority of my time needs to go towards being a manager. Being a manager is something that I find a lot of satisfaction in and enjoy. However, though - I think it's crucial to have regular times to be a "maker" and dabble in things and to be able to create things in order for me to be a successful manager and leader of makers.

So here's my new goal for at least the next month: Find 5 hours each week being a maker.

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