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I've been working on a rather massive refactoring work that involves changing how Java properties files are organized. It's vitally important that the properties files from pre-refactoring work matches up 100% with the post-refactoring work and I was surprised to see that there isn't a simple tool out there that allows me compare between 2 Java properties files (or, perhaps the tool is out there but I just couldn't find it). I was in need of something a tad bit more sophisticated than simply doing text comparisons. For instance, if I have the following 2 properties files:


age = 55
name = bobby

I wanted my tool to tell me that those 2 properties files are exactly the same. I figured this was a good opportunity for me to create a simple online tool that serves this purpose so I went to work. I wanted to achieve something very similar to what the Text Compare tool has achieved.

I decided to build my application using the Jetty server and host it on Heroku. I decided to go with these 2 tools because I've built a number of small applications that utilize these 2 technologies and they make it extremely easy for me to get an application up and running in a hurry. I decided to add my project on my existing CloudFlare account to take advantage of its CDN and WAF. I decided to use Boostrap for as my CSS framework so that I can get something that looks semi-presentable up and running without too much trouble . I created the favicon using X-Icon Editor. My IDE of choice for this project was IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate--my go-to IDE. I decided to push up my finished work to GitHub. As you will see, there isn't very much code. The entire project consists of 2 JSPs (1 for the primary page and another for a generic semi-user friendly error page), a servlet that handles the incoming POST logic from the JSP, and a utility class that handles the comparison logic.

Here's the link to the finished product:

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