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Android sucks. At least my experience of it has. Now, I'm NOT saying that Android-sucks-therefore-Apple-is-way-better. All I'm saying is that I've had 3 Android devices so far and have had numerous really bad issues with each of them. I've owned Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (had it for 2.5 years), Nexus 7 - 2013 version (had it for less than a week because of issues), and Moto G (my current phone, which I've owned for about 3 months now).

Here's a list of issues I've experienced with my Android devices in the last 3 years, sorted from unacceptably bad to annoyingly bad.

Issues with sending & receiving text messages (Moto G)

Sometimes my text messages are received and sent instantaneously. Sometimes they take 5 minutes. Sometimes 10 minutes. Sometimes they're never received or sent. This has been happening on my phone and I know it's not an issue with the AT&T network because I never had this issue on my Note 1, which was also on the AT&T network. This never happens/happened on my wife's iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6. Again, on the AT&T network. This happens just about every day unless I reboot the phone. And rebooting the phone is kind of a pain since I have my storage encrypted and when the phone starts back up, I need to enter in my password to get past the initial boot up screen. I shouldn't have to restart my phone 1+ times a day just to make sure that my text messages are received and sent.

Microphone doesn't work during phone conversation (Moto G)

  • Me: "Hi, blah blah blah.."
  • Other end: "Hello?"
  • Me: "Hi, can you hear me?" (annoyed)
  • Other end: "Um, hello?" (annoyed)
  • Me: "Uh, hi, can you hear me?" (more annoyed)
  • Other end: "..." (really annoyed) Hangs up the phone

This has happened on at least 2 different occasions. And both times, I know it was an issue with my phone (and not an issue on the other end) because when I called back with a different phone, the other party was able to hear me just fine. This is a really bad issue. What would happen if I were to call someone in an emergency situation and the other party couldn't hear me?

Unusably Slow (Note)

This is the reason why I ultimately decided to get rid of my Note 1. It was incredibly slow. It was slow to make phone calls. It was slow to open up apps. It was slow to switch between apps. I had to constantly restart the phone to make it run faster and when it ran faster after a reboot, that didn't last very long. It ran fine for the first year I had it and then it slowly degraded. What's sad is that my wife's iPhone 3G (yep, still have it) still runs just fine and is faster than my Moto G which I purchased just a few months ago.

Screen wouldn't auto-rotate (Nexus 7)

I mentioned above that I owned a Nexus 7 for less than a week. Well, the reason for this is that the screen refused to auto-rotate consistently on that device. I know it was not an issue with incorrect settings. I would rotate the device from portrait to landscape and once in awhile, the screen would flip. But most of the times, the screen would refuse to flip. When I Googled in search of a solution, some folks suggested that I download an app and flip the switch "on" to force the screen to rotate manually. Uh - that's a horrible solution. I shouldn't have to do that.

Restarts on its own (Note & Moto G)

I'll be in the middle of doing something on my phone and then poof the phone decides to restart. Very annoying when it happens. Thankfully, this has only happened once or twice on my Moto G. It used to happen much more frequently on my Note.

At this point in time, the only reason why I'm still using an Android phone is because I'm too cheap to replace a phone I bought just 3 months ago & I can get tethering without having to pay extra for it. If there's an easy way to accomplish that using an iPhone - I'm pretty certain that I'll be saying goodbye to Android in about 1-2 years. Sure, there are some benefits to owning an Android device. They're more configurable & customizable than iPhones are. They're cheaper (at least most of them are) than iPhones. There are more options with hardware. Having said that, I'd much rather have a device that works consistently and can be relied upon.

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