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My first album Acoustic Worship is now available for purchase on! Recording an album is something I've wanted to do for a very long time and I'm glad that I was able to complete this project. I started the recording process in April and it was completed shortly before my son was born in June. All of the instrument (acoustic guitar, classical guitar, keyboard, cajon, and the egg shaker, of course) and vocal tracks were recorded by me in my basement studio, which were then mixed and mastered by my friend Bernie Chae.

I decided to record an album of older worship songs because even though there are so many great newer worship songs out there, I have a soft spot for the classics. These are songs that I grew up on during my first few years as a Christian and have impacted me in profound ways. Plus, I wanted to do an "acoustic" album and I think that these older worship songs sound better when it's just voice + 1 or 2 instruments. I like that these songs are simple without being simplistic. 1 of the songs I included on this album is an original, by the way.

While I certainly am not looking to get rich off of this album (ha ha...), I am hoping that I'll be able to sell enough copies to break even (I had to pay for copyright fees, mixing & mastering, and manufacturing) PLUS a little extra to cover the costs of my next recording project (which I honestly haven't even though about, but would certainly like to do another one in the near future).

So, I want to ask you to spend 10 minutes listening to sample audio tracks (1 of which is actually the entire song) on my music website AND THEN go purchase the album.

Thank you!

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