Adding Page-specific JavaScript Files in a Rails Project

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Being that I'm a Ruby on Rails newbie, I was looking for a way to add page-specific JavaScript files on a Ruby on Rails (Rails 4) project. Here's one way to accomplish this and I think it makes sense & keeps things simple & clean.


Add the following line:

require_directory .

And delete the following line if it exists:

require_tree .


Include all of your application-wide JavaScript files in the app/assets/javascripts directory. Inside of this directory, create a subdirectory which will include all of your page-specific JavaScript files. It's probably best if the name of this subdirectory correlates with the name of the page. For instance, if you've got an "About" page, name the subdirectory about.


Inside of this directory, create your page-specific JavaScript file. Let's keep it simple and name it about.js. In addition, you can move all of your page-specific JavaScript files into this folder.


At the very top of this file, include the following line:

//= require_directory .


Somewhere in this page, adding the following line will cause all of the JavaScript files inside of the app/assets/javascripts/about/ to be included on the "About" page only.

<%= javascript_include_tag "resume/resume.js" %>
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