New music - Lullaby (instrumental)

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After lunch @ Sweet Tomatoes with some friends I came back home and took a much needed nice, (too) long nap. Fast forward a few hours and it was around 11: 30 pm… and thanks to the nap I knew I wasn’t gonna go to bed for a little while. So I picked up my guitar and started doodling around on it and I liked I was hearing so thought I’d record it.

So, here it is: Lullaby (Instrumental)

A soothing blend of acoustic guitar and piano… with some shaker action thrown in there as well.

On a separate note, last night’s Good Friday service at Lakeview was awesome (as usual). So good & encouraging to see everyone who helped out in various ways. Lakeview Church is most definitely blessed. Denny’s and chat with friends afterwards were awesome as well. Looking forward to the Easter service tomorrow.

I just wish I didn’t have to wake up in four and a half hours... dang it...

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