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I have a few minutes to spare while my Ubuntu workspace is being patched up with some security updates so I thought I’d share a little blurp or two about RimuHosting which is the hosting service I’m using to host as well as (my parents’ shoe repair business located in Joliet, IL–go check ‘em out if you need shoe repair done! I can almost guarantee you once you go get your shoes repaired, you’ll be thinking to yourself why did I not think of this before??).

Anyhow, sometime last year, I was looking all over the web (and I mean all over) for a hosting service that could handle Java web hosting. I googled like crazy and it appeared that they were either too expensive and/or got horrible reviews. I was discouraged. And then somehow (I forget how...) I stumbled upon RimuHosting, which has definitely met my needs. And since RimuHosting’s been good to me, I thought I’d share some highlights of their service in this post:

  1. They offer a VPS (Virtual Private Server). You can read a nice summary about it here on Wikipedia but what it basically boils down to is that on a single server, there are multiple “virtual servers” which runs its own operating system and and can runs independently from the other virtual servers. It can even be rebooted independently. End result: It’s sorta like having your own server but at a price that is actually affordable to an average joe like myself. So... what all this means is that via RimuHosting, you can have yourself a virtual server and you can do what you want with it. Read about all the things you can do with RimuHosting’s virtual private server here.

  2. Their price: I’m subscribed to their lowest-costing plan at $19.95/month, which I think is quite reasonable for the services I receive. I get 160 MB of memory (puny, I know–but works for me) and 3.94 GB of disk space (note that your OS and related files will take up a pretty big chunk). You can always pay them more money to get more memory.

  3. Their support: Those guys have been top-notch. I haven’t had to use their support in awhile, but in the beginning when I was just getting started with them, I had to make use of their support on a number of occasions. And those guys were lightning-fast with their responses. Very impressive. All support communications were done via web forms and/or emails but the response time was great each and every single time.

For Java hosting, I’ve read over and over again online that it’s a very bad idea to go with shared hosting and so the only obvious choice for me was to go with a VPS. Simply being able to reboot the darn server has been such a huge plus for me as opposed to a shared hosting plan which I had been using for a number of years before RimuHosting.

Okay, Ubuntu has finished updating. Now onto installing Chrome on this thing and enjoy faster browsing.


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