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Job Search Tips From Personal Experience

4 minute read

Earlier this year I decided that it’s time for me to look for another opportunity outside the company. The company executives decided on being acquired by O... Redesign Launched

less than 1 minute read

I gave a (much needed) facelift over the course of this past week and it’s now live online. This is the first project completed on my n...

Been Awhile

less than 1 minute read

The last time I wrote in this thing was 10/22 of last year, which is also the time when wedding preparations got crazy. Well, thank God the wedding is now ov...

Taking A Breather In San Francisco

3 minute read

I arrived in San Francisco last night with Jenny and a friend of ours at around 10:30 local time to attend Jenny’s friend’s wedding which takes place later t...

Writing Good Software Simple Reminders To Self

3 minute read

One of the main purposes for keeping this blog is for me to think through and reflect upon things and to remind myself of the lessons that I’m learning. I k...

Commuting To Downtown Chicago For Work

3 minute read

My office moved from Westmont to Chicago about 2 and a half months ago and ever since then I’ve been taking the Metra train to get to work. There are some t...